Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Specific Prayer Request

Hello again prayer warriors. 

I just wanted to drop in with a quick update about Patrick's progress. I have spoken with Emily on and off for the last few days as Patrick adjusts post-op.  He has been walking like a champ!  His doctors and nurses have been so proud of his stamina and determination to not only meet but exceed the care "goals" in place for him. 

He has, however, been suffering from a great deal of nausea and vomiting.  This is partially due to the nature of the surgical procedure he had done ... And also due to a slow-moving ostomy (which is normal soon after creation).  Emily has asked for very targeted prayer over the next few days that PATRICK'S DIGESTIVE SYSTEM BEGINS TO FUNCTION NORMALLY AGAIN.  It is "normal" for it to take some time for digestive functions to regulate ... But that does NOT mean it is easy!  Please lift Patrick up in this way. 

Your continued and additional prayers are always appreciated. 

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  1. My prayers for them both have not ceased. I love these folks like a fat kid loves cake. I am so happy to hear that Patrick is on the road to recovery and doing exceptionally well considering the circumstances. I will continue to be praying for a his recovery and specifically for a speedy adjustment for his digestive functions. Thank you so much for the updates.