Sunday, August 18, 2013

A New Day

I have spoken via text message with Emily throughout the day today. She has given me a few updates on Patrick and how he's been recovering on his first day post-op. 

Naturally, Patrick was very disappointed (to say the least) that the end result was, in fact, a permanent colostomy. Emily said he was "bummed" but very "matter of fact."  She also shared with me that he was just very thankful that his bladder and prostate were able to be left intact.  In the end, I think Patrick and Emily both understand that the colostomy is Patrick's best chance at beating the big C. 

This evening, Emily told me that Patrick had been up and walking several times today. By the end of the day, she said he had "exceeded his goal" and been up walking in the hallway.  She says that he is "sore" (especially from the activity) but that his pain meds are working well.  

When Emily left the hospital this evening, she said Patrick was resting.  As pain meds oftentimes do, they were making Patrick very itchy (side effect).  So, he had been given some IV Benadryl and was turning in for the night. 

There is not yet an exact timeline as to the various consults Patrick will have while at UVA or exactly how long he will remain in the hospital.  However, let's all remain faithful in our prayers for the Shaws as they move forward on this journey. 

Pray on! 

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