Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Join In Prayer

Returning to the blog tonight, I cannot believe it's been nearly 3 months since it was last updated.  The great thing about that is ~ it means that during the last several months, Patrick & Emily have been prayerfully waiting for Patrick's high-dose radiation to work and allowing life to settle into a relative "new normal."

Tonight, per the request of the Shaws, I come asking everyone to JOIN IN PRAYER with Patrick and Emily at this time!  On September 29, 2014, Patrick is scheduled to undergo a repeat PET scan.  This scan will be looking for any rapidly dividing (cancer) cells in Patrick's body.  In essence, this follow-up PET scan will be used to determine if the high-dose radiation completed the job of ridding Patrick's body of all cancer.

Please agree with us in prayer that:
1.  the PET scan is exact and accurate
2.  the PET scan reveals NO EVIDENCE OF CANCER {i.e. the tumor is gone}
3.  for wisdom in those over Patrick's care plan {doctors, nurses, technicians}

Above all, in a nut-shell, please PRAY {and believe} that Patrick is CANCER FREE!


If you are regularly praying for the Shaws, continued prayers are requested for financial security, wise decision making, and care-giver stress/emotions {for Emily}.  Any and ALL prayers are greatly appreciated. 

[ please note:  I have had a few anonymous comments addressed to me regarding a lack of recent blog posts.  Please keep in mind that Patrick & Emily notify me when they would like this blog updated.  Therefore, during times of relative "quiet" for the Shaws, I may have nothing to update.  During those times, it is requested that you continue to pray for previously mentioned prayer needs and {kindly} respect my need to care for my own family as well.  Thank you for understanding.]