Friday, August 16, 2013

Out of Surgery!

Patrick is out of surgery!

I recently got off the phone with Emily.  Her voice was shaky, but overall she sounded good.  Dr. Friel had just been in to speak with she and the family, as Patrick was taken to the recovery room.

Dr. Friel told Emily that although the surgery was very involved and complex, it went "as well as he could have hoped."  He told her that the tumor was still very much present (although smaller) in the rectum.  He had concerns that the tumor was still very close to Patrick's prostate.  This is partially what made the surgery take a bit longer than expected as Dr. Friel worked diligently to separate the tumor tissue from the prostate.  Good job prayer warriors!

In the end, Dr. Friel was able to remove the complete tumor WITHOUT removing Patrick's bladder or prostate.  He expressed some continued concerns to Emily about the cancer returning in these organs.  However, because he was highly unsure whether it was malignant tumor or simple scar tissue (from radiation) that was interwoven with these organs, he did not want to remove them unnecessarily.  At this time, he said he would simply "hope for the best."  But ... we know we're going to pray!

Patrick was given a colostomy after the tumor removal.  However, prior to the surgery, his abdomen was marked in two different places ... one for a permanent and one for a temporary colostomy.  Therefore, although a temporary colostomy was not really considered ... there is a possibility that this will be the case.  Emily is hoping and praying for the best!

Emily will be allowed to see Patrick once he is awake in the recovery room.  The Shaws have a long night ahead and a long journey toward recovery.

I do not think any additional updates will follow this evening.  However, as I speak to Emily tomorrow ... I will return and update the blog.

Thank you for your concern and prayers today.  Please continue to lift up Emily and Patrick as they set out on the next chapter in this story of ... God Healing Patrick!

God bless and goodnight!


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