Friday, August 16, 2013


Hello prayer warriors!

Just spoke with Emily.  Patrick is doing well in the OR.  The surgeon anticipates another 2+ hours of surgery as they remove the tumor and create the colostomy.  So, please pray for Emily as she continues to support Patrick. This has been a very long and arduous day. 

After the surgery, Patrick will go to the PACU to recover and then be moved to his room.  As a guess (from me) the Shaws may be looking at about midnight before they are settled. I am unsure how many more updates will be available tonight, but I will continue updating until midnight as Emily contacts me .. Then resume in the morning. 

Dr. Friel will be speaking with Emily and the family when the surgery is complete. At that time, more details will be available about the overall outcome of the procedure. 

Emily asks that everyone lift up Patrick ... specifically for the moment when he is told that he does have the colostomy as he was dreading this possibility. 

Check back!

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