Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rocked It!

Wow!  It's been awhile since I've updated this blog.  And, mostly, that's a good thing.

Today was a BIG day!

This guy:

… rocked his LAST chemotherapy infusion …
and had his PICC line removed!

Praise Jesus!  (really … praise Jesus)  This "leg" of Patrick's journey is O . V . E . R !!!

Still ahead of Patrick are two final (I love that word in this case) weeks of oral chemotherapy, several blood panels, a PET scan, and a genetic study (to rule out a colon cancer gene).  These last steps are to hopefully banish every cancer cell in his body … then to give Patrick a thorough "once over" medically to check for any cancer cells AND to ensure all bodily organs are functioning normally again.

This is a time for celebration!

This is a time for congratulations!

This is a time to hug and hold the Shaws close!

This is also another CALL TO PRAYER!

Let's agree in Christ:
1.  To help ease Patrick's final recovery from chemo infusion … to reduce nausea, fatigue, and neuropathy.

2.  To anoint Patrick's body … to wash a healing over every cell inside … to destroy every last cancer cell FOREVER.

3.  To heal Patrick's body from chemotherapy and radiation … to make it whole again!

4.  To protect Emily and Patrick physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually as they transition into a new "era" of their lives as "intense treatment" is coming to a near-close.

5.  To surround Patrick with protection … to put and keep him in remission … to one day declare him CANCER FREE per God's will.

6.  For Patrick as he interviews for job positions.

7.  For Patrick and Emily as they make decisions over employment and living arrangements.

8.  For Patrick and Emily as they make decisions for their marriage and family moving forward after … well … KICKING CANCER's BUTT (no pun intended).  :)


But, even amongst all the prayer and petition … let us not forget to …


for who He is … and what He is doing!