Thursday, August 29, 2013

Patrick is Home!

Patrick is home!

Ring the bells and cheer aloud ... Patrick is home from the hospital!

I talked last evening to Emily, and she told me that Patrick had been discharged from UVA hospital yesterday about 2pm.  Before he left, both of his drains and his incision staples were removed.  He still has sutures in place, and these will be removed in one week. 

Thus far, Patrick had been feeling really good since leaving to hospital for the comfort of home. Emily said his appetite had returned and, although he was "taking it easy," he was enjoying the opportunity to eat real food again.  His nausea and vomiting have lessened a huge deal.  Also, Patrick's pain is well managed, and he has even taken a "real" shower.  Emily sounded quite proud of him!

The Shaws are finally taking the next few days to recoup energy at home (and relishing the ability to sleep without interruption).  They continue to ask for and immensely appreciate your support and heartfelt prayers for Patrick's continued healing. 

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  1. Our prayers are being answered. I admire the grace and strength of both Patrick and Emily, and Dalton and I will continue to pray for each of them. We're also thankful for the wonderful friends who have been so constant and loving.

    Please feel free to call on us if we can do more for you than pray. Love always!