Friday, September 27, 2013

Cover Them

Please join me in covering Patrick & Emily with prayer this weekend as Patrick prepares to begin his IV chemotherapy infusions this Monday.

This Monday (10/30/13) Patrick will have his first of several (4 to 6, if memory serves) rounds of IV chemotherapy.  Each infusion will take place locally, at the "Hope Center" in Waynesboro, VA and will last 2-3 hours (outpatient).  During the weeks between IV chemo, Patrick will take oral chemotherapy as well.

Please lift the Shaws up this weekend as they prepare to embark on this chapter of their story next week.  Pray for strength and sound body for Patrick.  Pray for minimal and manageable side effects from this new type of chemotherapy as well.  Additionally, please lift up Emily as his "care giver" and closest support person.  Pray for her endurance, spirit, and sound mind.

Pray for them.
Hug them.
Love on them!

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