Friday, October 4, 2013

Side Effects Weighing Heavily

Hello prayer warriors!  Please continue to lift Emily and Patrick up in prayer. This has been a trying week for both of them. Patrick received his first IV chemo infusion on Monday.  The Shaws were very impressed with the staff and hospitality of the "Hope Center" in their hometown. That was a blessing!  However, by the evening of the inflation Patrick was violently ill.  After an evening of continuous nausea and vomiting, Patrick and Emily returned to the Hope Center the next day where Patrick received IV fluids and anti-nausea medication. 

The following day (Wednesday) Patrick was told to return to the hospital for abdominal X-rays due to persistent vomiting after the recovery treatment on Tuesday at the infusion center did not remedy the problem.  Doctors wished to rule out another bowel obstruction.  Thankfully, there was no true bowel obstruction but instead a slow moving ostomy due to the pain and anti-nausea medications Patrick had been taking.  Prioritizing his comfort, the team instructed Patrick to return to the Hope Center for more efforts to control his nausea and vomiting before addressing the slow moving ostomy. 

At this time, Patrick and Emily are home again.  Patrick's side effects are controlled, but he's feeling very puny.  Please continue to pray for God to champion over these nasty side effects of chemotherapy and adjusting to a new colostomy.  Don't forget Emily in your prayers either!  She needs strength and mental stability ... And a lot of peace and understanding.  

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