Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Call to Prayer:

Hello family, friends, and followers of Patrick's journey!  This past Monday, Patrick underwent his 4th round of IV chemotherapy at the Hope Center.  This means he has made it over the midway "hump" of treatment ... and only has two remaining infusions!  :)  Overall, Patrick's side effects from the chemotherapy have been well-managed after his initial infusion.  His nausea and vomiting have been under control, although he is still very tired.

*   *   *

Unfortunately, Patrick experienced an unusual mishap this Monday for which he has requested prayer.  The needle that was infusing the chemotherapy into his body became accidentally dislodged.  This means that the needle slipped out of Patrick's vein (where it was supposed to be) but not completely out of his arm. Before he realized it, a substantial amount of the IV chemo had "run" into the subcutaneous tissue of his arm.  Emily said that his arm was nearly twice its proper size.  Patrick was discharged with instructions to apply compresses to the arm to encourage the fluid to either absorb into the body or come out of his arm.  Although not a "life-or-death" issue, this has not been a pleasant experience for Emily and Patrick.  He is on high-alert to watch for signs of infection or tissue damage to that arm, and he is in significant pain.  Please pray for the chemo to quickly travel where it needs to go and for comfort for Patrick.  Pray God's protection against infection and cell damage as well!

And, as always, please continue to lift up BOTH Patrick and Emily in spirit as they face the many expected ...... and very unexpected ...... challenges of fighting cancer.

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