Friday, December 27, 2013

Big Changes Ahead ... and Big Prayers Needed

New prayer request!

Patrick and Emily have requested prayer for another important area in their lives.  A few months ago, Patrick was unable to keep his position as youth minister with his church.  He is now actively seeking employment.  Patrick and Emily are earnestly seeking the Lord's direction as this was an unexpected change.  They are both certain that He is always good and will lead them where He intends to use them for His glory!  (oh, how the Shaws continuously inspire me!)

Please be in prayer for the Shaws as Patrick applies for positions, seeks God's will, and as they prepare for  possible career changes and a possible move (or not).

Emily and Patrick continue to thank you for your love, support, and tireless prayers!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Blessed New Year from the Shaws!

Jeremiah 29:11

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