Thursday, April 11, 2013

Radiation Oncology

This weeks in one filled with specialist appointments for Patrick & Emily.  Yesterday (4/10/13) they met with Patrick's Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Morgan.  Today, (4/11/13) Patrick has a PET scan.

Yesterday's meeting with Dr. Morgan was to create a plan to appropriately begin Patrick's radiation treatments.  Once they begin, Patrick will have radiation to the tumor site 5 days/week for 5-6 weeks in conjunction with oral chemotherapy.  At this time, Dr. Morgan anticipates these treatments beginning mid to late next week, after he creates a detailed treatment plan.

Yesterday, Patrick underwent another pelvic CT to better visualize the tumor and surrounding anatomy.  He was also "positioned" in order to choose the BEST position for him to lie in during treatments.  Once that position was found, Patrick was given two permanent tattoos to mark the best areas for radiation.  Again, due to the location and position of Patrick's tumor, concerns arose regarding future fertility after radiation treatments.  Tomorrow's PET scan will shed more light on this and solidify these choices to help Dr. Morgan develop a detailed treatment plan to best target the radiation.   

Want to pray specifically?

Pray that Patrick & Emily make wise, God-inspired decisions regarding future fertility plans.  Pray that the radiation is well-targeted and HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL in shrinking Patrick's tumor.  Pray that the side-effects of radiation are well managed for Patrick.


  1. Patrick & Emily, I was told by Craig Jarrell to let you know that we was thinking of the two of you as you face this journey. He truly hates to hear such news. You are in his thoughts.

  2. So many from Grace Baptist Church and Preston Oaks are praying for you.

  3. Patrick and Emily, know that we are lifting you up here in Roanoke. We are praying for your healing, peace, and comfort. the choir at First Baptist -Roanoke has started praying for you as well.We love you both. Your friends, Barry and Sabra Combs

  4. Jennifer thank you so much for doing this blog! You are a blessing to Partick and Emily as well as to those of us who love and care for them. Praying hard because I know our God is in control and answers our prayers!

  5. Beth-Ann Owens LugarApril 12, 2013 at 12:24 PM

    I am so very, very heartbroken for you all that you are going through this. Patrick, you probably don't remember me, but we went to Cave Spring together all those many years ago! I just remember you always being such a kind, friendly and happy spirit. In every single memory I have of you in high school, you were always smiling!!! You and your wife, Emily, are in my prayers everyday. May God lay his healing hand on you now, and bring you all peace!

  6. Susan Yazdani, (sister of Michael Agee)April 13, 2013 at 12:37 PM

    So appreciative of this informative blog, the sweet & faithful friend Jennifer who is doing the journaling. I just want to offer to Patrick and Emily continued support & faithful earnest prayer for a miraculous healing for Patrick, as well as courage and endurance for the two of you as you walk this journey. I sincerely pray that the Lord can give you the peace through this, that passes all understanding! May God bless you both, and reign down on you Hi mercy and grace, as only He can do!! Through Christ, all things are possible!

  7. Patrick & Emily,

    Mike and Debbie sent me the link to this blog. Mom and I are praying hard for you two!

    Susan Doyle