Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Medical Oncology and Family Planning

Yesterday, Patrick & Emily met with Dr. Wolf, Patrick's medical oncologist to develop a plan for beginning chemotherapy and radiation.  Patrick expressed a desire for the doctors to be "as aggressive as possible" in treating his tumor.  Dr. Wolf assured him that the oral chemotherapy, coupled with radiation 5 days/week, is as aggressive as possible.  Dr. Wolf has confidence that these combined therapies with shrink Patrick's tumor ... and he is cautiously optimistic that this could mean avoiding the urostomy and colostomy if treatment is highly successful.  Still, Patrick & Emily need your heartfelt prayers as nothing is a guarantee.

Prior to this appointment, Patrick & Emily made the decision to visit a fertility center.  The specialists there felt that due to the therapies Patrick is expected to undergo, their best option for future conception would be sperm banking.  After seeking the Lord's will for this decision, Patrick & Emily decided to proceed with the sperm banking and are looking toward IVF for future family planning.  They truly appreciate the prayers and support of others regarding this decision.

Today, Patrick & Emily are traveling to UVA for Patrick's pelvic MRI.  This diagnostic test is just another "piece in the puzzle" for helping the doctors best target Patrick's treatment.  They do not expect any "major updates" to come from today's appointment.

Patrick will begin both chemotherapy and radiation this Thursday.  These treatments will continue for 5-6 weeks in effort to drastically shrink the tumor.

Want to pray specifically?

Please pray for SHRINKAGE of the tumor through chemo and radiation.  Also, please pray for Patrick's body as he undergoes these aggressive treatments.  Pray that his side effects are both minimal and well-mangaed.

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog after exploring the Preston Oaks Baptist Church website. I'm pleased to pray for you, especially as the child of a family with a similar story. My parents had been married about a year when my father was diagnosed with what sounds like a pretty similar cancer. I hope hearing that I am in my 30s brings you hope. Thinking of you.