Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bombarding Heaven

Tonight I wish that I was coming to you with better news.  I wish that we could together bombard Heaven with shouts of praise that "Patrick is cancer free."  I cannot do that tonight.  However, I am certain we will all continue to bombard Heaven with prayer for the Shaws.  And we will continue to praise Him - because although we do not understand (and we even do not like) these current circumstances - He is still worthy of our praise - simply because of who He is.


On Monday evening, Patrick and Emily received a phone call from Dr. Friel, Patrick's colorectal surgeon at UVA with the results of the biopsy he had on April 23rd.  The biopsy was positive for cancer cells.  Therefore, the "area of concern" seen on Patrick's PET scan and recent MRI was cancer.  At this time, the Shaws have not been explicitly told whether this cancer is a "new occurrence," "recurrence," or cancerous tissue "left behind" after Patrick's surgery in August 2013.  

Patrick and Emily have not yet met in-person with Dr. Friel.  However, it is their understanding that his proposed treatment plan includes highly invasive surgery to remove both Patrick's bladder and prostate.  For this reason, the Shaws are seeking a second opinion before proceeding with further treatment.  While they agree with the "diagnosis," they are hoping that another physician may offer a less devastating treatment option.

This Friday, May 2nd, at 1:45pm, Patrick and Emily will be meeting another doctor at John's Hopkins.  Please be in prayer over the Shaws as they travel.  Please pray for their safety, their expenses, and their clarity of mind as their being "emotionally overloaded" is an understatement.  Please pray for a divine appointment.  Let's shower this John's Hopkins physician and his staff with prayer!  Agree with me in praying for this doctor's knowledge, expertise, wisdom, kindness, decision making, attention to detail, accuracy, and spirit.  Most importantly, the Shaws specifically ask for prayer that major surgery and organ loss can be avoided.

Let's also lift up Patrick and Emily as they face monumental decisions once they have gathered the necessary information.


Tomorrow there will be a SUNRISE.
God will still be who He is.
God is still in perfect control over Patrick's life - and His plans are good.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pray. Pray. Pray.

Hi again, everyone.

This is a simple update to let you know what Patrick's recent MRI results indicated and how the Shaw's will move forward.  Like the PET scan, Patrick's MRI also showed an "area of concern" in Patrick's lower abdominal cavity, near his prostate.  Dr. Friel (Patrick's colorectal surgeon) wishes to investigate this further by obtaining a tissue biopsy.  The good news is: this will be a "CT guided biopsy" procedure and is minimally invasive.  It will be performed outpatient on April 23, 2014.

Please continue to bombard heaven with PRAYER that this "area" is NOT CANCER.  Our sincerest hope is that this will prove to be something benign like inflammation or scar tissue.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Patrick & Emily have undergone a TON of change over the last week.  Tonight was the first time I have spoken with them (other than by text since my last blog post).  

Let's begin with some PRAISES!

The Shaws are officially "moved" to their new home in Lynchburg, VA.  While Emily expressed that she's still slightly overwhelmed with unpacking and truly "settling" in - both she and Patrick wish to extend an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who helped them with their move.  So, from the Shaws, thank you!!!  They felt very loved.

Patrick is moving along through his training and orientation at his new job, and they are being flexible with his needs.  Emily begins working at her new job this coming Monday.

All good things.


Patrick and Emily also have a specific PRAYER need at this time:

After reviewing the results from Patrick's recent PET scan, the tumor board wishes for Patrick to have further testing to determine the cause of the "bright spot" that was seen in his lower pelvic region.  None of the physicians are concerned about the unchanged "spots" on Patrick's liver and lungs and feel they are unrelated to cancer.  There is, however, continued "concern" (without definite labeling) about the spot seen in Patrick's pelvis.

Patrick has an MRI schedule for around 7 pm on Monday, April 7th, 2014 at UVA.  He has asked everyone to pray specifically that nothing "dangerous" is viewed on this scan.  Please pray for accurate and efficient testing, for good reading of the results, for clear answers, and for NOTHING OF CONCERN to show up on this MRI.  As previously said, PET scans are highly, highly sensitive ... so there is a chance this "spot" could be inflammation and not related to cancer.  That is our sincerest prayer.

At this time, there are not additional follow-up plans set after the MRI.  I will update this blog as soon as I know more.

Please also pray for soundness of mind for Emily and for efficiency on the part of the UVA oncology practice.  Emily expressed a lot of frustration with lack of follow through and follow up.  As many of you know, dealing with "secretarial" issues like this is time consuming and draining.  Please keep lifting Emily up in your prayers as well ~ as she juggles appointments, follow ups, paperwork/telephone calls, unpacking, and her own new job.  She has a lot on her plate!

As always, thank you all for praying for and loving on Patrick & Emily Shaw.