Monday, March 17, 2014

Agree With Me

Friends, we have a lot of praising and praying to do right now.
Right.  Now.

Patrick and Emily came up to visit us this weekend, and it really was a time of celebration.  As you know, Patrick finished his chemotherapy treatments in late January and (although he might tell you otherwise) is adapting LIKE A ROCKSTAR to his colostomy.  [insert REALLY proud former oncology nurse face]  The above photos are of my son, Jackson, giving Patrick his "Beads of Courage".  Jackson is a survivor (of Progressive Infantile Scoliosis) as well!

*But, there were even more miracles to celebrate.*

Several weeks ago, Patrick not only got back several panels of bloodwork indicating little to no "cancer cell activity" and returning organ function ... but also results from genetic counseling.  The Shaw's had undergone some bloodwork to determine whether any future children might have an increased risk of colorectal cancer.  This test would basically be used to determine whether Patrick's cancer (at a young age) was due to a genetic mutation or unfortunate happenstance.  Good news!  Patrick does NOT carry a gene for cancer.  This means that when God's timing is right, Patrick and Emily can proceed with growing their family without the worry of "passing along" colorectal cancer genes to future children.

Additionally, Patrick and Emily have been amazed at God's faithfulness in other areas of their lives.  After several job interviews with Liberty University, Patrick had been put on a "waiting list" for hire.  On an absolute whim, Emily google-searched eye doctors in Lynchburg.  Online, she found a practice that mentioned their involvement in mission work.  She mailed in her resume (although nothing on their webpage indicated they were hiring).  Days later, she received a phone call requesting an interview.  Well, she interviewed and they hired her on the spot.  Just like that!

But, the story gets better! ... The Shaw's quickly leased an apartment in Lynchburg and began packing for their move.  Then, Patrick received a phone call from Liberty offering him a job!!!  Does that say something about God's perfect timing, or what?!?

Obviously, both Patrick and Emily are incredibly thankful, and so much praise is due!


However, MUCH PRAYER is still needed. 

Today, Patrick and Emily had an appointment with the oncologist to review the results of Patrick's most recent PET scan.  A PET scan is highly, highly sensitive and can "indicate" or "mark" something as benign as inflammation.  In addition to the previous "spots" on Patrick's liver and lungs still being present on this scan, the doctor noted a new "bright spot" low in Patrick's pelvic cavity.  Unsure of the reason for this "bright spot," the doctor is presenting Patrick's case before a tumor board on Wednesday of this week to gather opinions as to whether this indicates recurring cancer.  Emily informed me this afternoon that while the doctor DOES NOT THINK this is cancer, he is VERY UNSURE.  If the lesion is cancerous, Patrick will be unable to undergo radiation in this area.  Removal of this lesion will require highly invasive surgery and result in the removal/loss of all organs in Patrick's pelvic cavity.  

Those words are so difficult to write ... especially in the wake of such wonderful news for the Shaw's.

Please agree with me in prayer!

Let's lift up Patrick and Emily right now.  Let's ask God to comfort them in this time of shock and confusion.  Let's pray for Heavenly wisdom imparted upon the physicians.  Let's petition the Lord to TAKE AWAY anything harmful from Patrick's body.  Let's pray for an end to this cancer!

Thank you.
God bless!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Come Back Soon!

Hello followers!

I just wanted to touch base and let you all know to come back soon to Patrick's blog.  Emily and Patrick spent the weekend with our family, and I was able to capture some VERY special photographs.  The Shaw's are waiting on some important test results due back in the next few days that I would like to include in my update.  So ... Stay tuned ... And stay in prayer ... A BIG update is coming soon!