Wednesday, October 1, 2014

God Healed Patrick

Tonight, I do not know how to type!

My fingers cannot possibly move quickly enough ~ I probably cannot spell correctly ~ and I'm practically certain I will not be able to choose the best words to share this news.

But, here it goes.

God Healed Patrick

Let me repeat.

God Healed Patrick

{I think we need a new blog title}
{huge grin}


This Monday, almost precisely 18 months from being diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer, Patrick was declared in REMISSION with NO EVIDENCE OF CANCER (NEC).

Patrick's repeat PET scan {after his high-intenseity, targeted radiation therapy} revealed no rapidly dividing cells!  All of his physicians are in agreement that the tumor in Patrick's abdomen has been destroyed, and the Shaw's understanding is that no further biopsies or tests of this area {at this time} are needed.  Praise be to Jesus!

Patrick will return to UVA for a repeat colonoscopy in approximately three months and will continue to follow-up regularly with his surgeon, radiation oncologist, and medical oncologist.  

Clearly, Patrick and Emily request that everyone continue to pray without ceasing for complete and permanent healing of Patrick's body.

However, at this moment ~ right here, right now ~ let's choose JOY!

Let's Praise the Lord!!!

And I know I've said this before {just after Patrick's diagnosis} ... but, I'll say it again.  This story is still being written.  In fact, I think we are perhaps simply approaching its climax.  I believe {in Patrick's own words} that "God will not waste [his] pain."  Just wait and see.  So much glory will come to the Father from this incredible testimony!  Patrick's life has been saved ~ and many, many more lives will be radically changed for it.  I know it!

So proud that we serve a God who is bigger than sin, bigger than addictions, bigger than poverty, bigger than abuse, bigger that poor decisions, bigger than violence ... and bigger than cancer.

Anyone else in awe of the Great Physician tonight?!?


  1. PRAISING God for this report. I do not know the Shaws personally, but I have been praying for Patrick with the Bible study that I attend at Wayne Hills Baptist church. I am so thrilled to hear what our great God has done in this man's life!!! Thank you Jesus for always being with us through every trial and for bringing this family through this trial.

  2. So elated, what awesome news. God is good!

  3. Amen! So in awe of our Great Physician, and Awesome God! So thankful that prayers have been answered this way. Thanks for this fantastic news! Love to Patrick and Emily. Aunt Connie

  4. So excited read this news. Miracles do happen. Praise God foe answered prayer

  5. Very happy and touched to hear this great news ! May God keep this family always in front of His eyes to care and help and lift them up in times of troubles and in time of happiness like today :) Hug you both my dears ! Jasmine