Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cycle Three

This coming Monday (11/11/13), Patrick will undergo his third chemotherapy infusion at the Hope Center in his hometown.  This will mark the HALF WAY point in his IV therapy!!!

I spoke to Patrick this morning, and he sounded great.  Currently, he is enjoying his "detox" week.  What does that mean?  Every third Monday, Patrick goes to the Hope Center for IV chemo.  That same Monday, he begins taking his oral chemotherapy at home.  Patrick takes this oral chemotherapy daily for 14 days.  Then, days 15-21 (or, the third week), of his three-week cycle ... Patrick gets to "detox."  That means, he does not take IV or oral chemotherapy.  This gives his body an opportunity to relax from insult ... and gives Patrick a much needed break from the more severe side effects he has experienced.

Patrick wanted me to let everyone know that:  "Chemotherapy makes you feel like junk!  But my second cycle was MUCH better than my first!"  Praise the Lord!  While Patrick did experience some nausea and fatigue from his second round of chemotherapy, his doctors have calibrated his medications more appropriately now.  This meant much fewer unwanted side effects.

Please continue to pray for Patrick.  Specifically, pray that the chemotherapy continues to target ANY remaining cancer cells in his body and keeps them away FOREVER.  Please pray for healing over his body.  Lift up Emily too!  Miss Em has had a series of rough weeks herself, and she greatly appreciates your prayers and support (and hugs if you are close by).

*** A few readers have written me regarding less-frequent posting to this blog.  Please remember that I post as requested by Patrick and Emily.  Thankfully, the last few weeks have been less eventful; therefore, there has been less to report.  I will continue to update the blog as necessary!  Thanks for understanding. ***