Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mighty Works

Hello Prayer Warriors!

I apologize for being a tad late updating you with what's currently going on with Patrick & Emily.  As you know, Patrick's tumor removal surgery is scheduled for August 16th, 2013.  About a week ago, the Shaws traveled back to UVA to meet with Patrick's surgeon, Dr. Friel, to discuss the results of his post-therapy MRI.

Dr. Friel, who is very much a realist (not optimist), commented that Patrick's tumor had "shrunk remarkably."  How incredible is that description?!?  Gives me chills!  Because there is still another month before Patrick's operation, he spoke to him about a very tiny chance that the tumor could continue to shrink and disappear!  In that case, Patrick would no longer require surgery.  Dr. Friel, however, feels that this is probably unlikely (statistically speaking) and instructed Patrick & Emily to return to UVA on August 16th expecting to move forward with the surgery.  That morning, he will "scope" Patrick to make the final decision.

During the appointment, Dr. Friel also informed Patrick that if surgery is necessary, he should expect a permanent colostomy due to the tumor's location.  However, he also told Patrick and he NO LONGER feels the bladder or prostate are affected by the cancer.  Therefore, the chance of needing to remove these organs is quite slim.  Praise God!

*   *   *

When I talked to Emily following this appointment, she sounded good.  The Shaws have been through a roller coaster of emotions between Patrick's many physicians' opinions.  The one consistency has been that Dr. Friel's news is never very good.  So ... to hear such encouraging news from him truly spoke volumes.  It was what we have all been praying to hear!

However, regardless of what any physician's opinion is ... good or bad ... we know better.  Patrick is under the care of the Great Physician.  No matter the outcome, He has it under control for His purpose.

*   *   *

Please continue to diligently pray for Patrick & Emily!

What to pray specifically?

1.  Pray for miracle-style tumor shrinkage and total disappearance!
2.  Pray for Dr. Friel as he makes crucial decisions over Patrick's body.
3.  Pray for Patrick & Emily's mental and emotional health as they cope with the real possibility of a colostomy.
4.  Pray for ease of tumor removal and a safe surgery.

And ... don't forget to PRAISE God for the mighty works already being seen!


  1. I'm believing for disappearance of the tumor!!

  2. I'm believing for disappearance of the tumor!!

  3. Praying, fasting and trusting the Lord for Patrick & Emily. May the Lord work a miracle for His glory and honor.